About Tideway


The mission of Tideway Physical Therapy is to provide our patients with excellence in care that utilizes the skill set of our licensed professionals, the attentiveness of the staff and a compassionate environment that promotes growth and healing.


Our vision is to be recognized as the most effective, reliable and caring physical therapy clinic in our service area by utilizing our friendly, skilled staff and a positive, healing environment.

Our Core Values


Tideway, located at 6444 Central City Blvd, just one block off the seawall is home to about 25 neurological residents. This facility is part of the larger Moody Neuro Rehab group of residences. Tideway is also home to an outpatient physical therapy clinic that serves both the aquatic needs as well as the land based needs of outpatient physical therapy patients.

Since 2004, Tideway Aquatic and Physical Therapy have embarked on outpatient rehabilitation serving the greater needs of Galveston and Galveston County. On one side of the building, the brain injured residents reside in the finest institution of its kind in the United States and on the other side of the building there is quite possibly the finest indoor heated aquatic therapy center anywhere around. The pool was designed by Terry Sablatura, a physical therapist who has spent the better part of his last 20 years implementing and designing aquatic therapy centers all over Texas. In 2004, Dr. Brent Masel, President of Transitional Learning Center (TLC), an acute brain injury treatment program and Tideway, decided to visit Terry in his hometown of Columbus, Texas.

Both were serving as advisory council members to the therapy pool that could accommodate both the rehabilitation needs of it’s persons with brain injuries and also accommodate the outpatient aquatic therapy needs of Galveston County. UTMB School of Allied Health. Dr. Masel asked Terry to design the perfect indoor heated therapy pool that could accommodate both the rehabilitation needs of it’s persons with brain injuries and also accommodate the outpatient aquatic therapy needs of Galveston County.

After designing the pool for Dr. Brent Masel, Terry was asked to stay on and put a business model together and operate it here at Tideway on Galveston Island. The outpatient physical therapy model is open to the public Monday through Friday. Hours of operation are available to accommodate any patient’s needs. Tideway accepts referrals from all physicians and since returning from hurricane Ike, Tideway has expanded to not only accommodating the aquatic needs of outpatients, but also to accommodate the land based rehabilitation needs. Tideway’s outpatient physical therapy clinic is staffed with licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to help all patients achieve their rehabilitation goals. Patients recovering from various surgeries such as total joint replacements, cervical and lumbar surgeries, chronic back pain, Parkinson’s and many other diagnoses do extremely well with rehabilitation in the water.

The outpatient physical therapy clinic at Tideway accepts all forms of insurance; Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and workman’s compensation. Tideway also has available to their outpatients, an after care program; something that is rarely found at other outpatient therapy clinics. Once a patient has completed their prescribed treatments for outpatient therapy, they are allowed to come back at a very normal fee to continue to exercise either in the pool or on the land based exercise equipment; thereby continuing to improve in their total health and recovery. In today’s times, we understand at Tideway, that insurances sometimes will not let the patient continue to fully reach their rehabilitation goals. That’s why we have opened our doors to our patients allowing them to continue to return after the insurance reimbursement stops.

Anyone wanting more information on our programs at Tideway Aquatic Therapy Center, please feel free to stop by or give us a call. Jeremy, our owner, will gladly answer any questions you may have. Our contact number is 409-741-8472.