What is direct access to physical therapy?

Direct Access is a law that allows patients to seek and receive evaluation and treatment from a physical therapist

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Many people go to their doctor once a year for a physical…

For a limited timeframe, *without a prescription or a referral from a healthcare provider. As of September 1, 2019, direct access to physical therapy services became available in the state of Texas.

*What are the provisions to the Direct Access Law in Texas?

Texas law allows physical therapists to provide direct physical therapy evaluation and treatment services for a period of up to 10 or 15 consecutive business days—the length of time varies depending upon the therapist’s training. If treatment is needed beyond the allowed days, then a healthcare provider will need to evaluate the treatment plan, and give a referral. Once the healthcare provider submits a referral, treatment can continue as needed.

Does Tideway OPhysical Therapy offer direct access to physical therapy?

Yes. Tideway now offers direct access to physical therapy at our Galveston Island location.

How can I get direct access to physical therapy at Tideway’s facilities?

Direct access provides you with an immediate physical therapy option. You can schedule an initial evaluation at our Galveston Island location to determine if physical therapy is the best treatment option for you.

What should I expect during my initial evaluation?

During the initial evaluation, your therapist will determine your current condition. If the therapist concludes that physical therapy is necessary, he or she will then create a personalized plan of care so that your physical therapy treatment can begin.

Do I qualify for direct access to physical therapy if I am a Medicare patient?

Medicare patients who visit our Galveston Island location without a referral can be seen for an initial evaluation. If the physical therapist determines you are a candidate for physical therapy, the treatment plan will be sent to your healthcare provider for signature. After receiving a signed plan of care, physical therapy can continue.

What if I don’t have a referring healthcare provider at the time of my initial evaluation?

Treatment may begin if it is determined that physical therapy is required. If you don’t have a referring healthcare provider, Tideway physical therapists can provide information to assist you in securing a referral, so that treatment can continue uninterrupted.

Will insurance cover direct access to physical therapy?

Insurance coverage for physical therapy under Direct Access is covered by most insurance plans. However, the rules of coverage may vary from one provider to another. We encourage you to talk to your insurance company to confirm coverage requirements.

Ready for Relief?

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